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* How long does procedure take?

The eyebrows procedure take approximately 2-3 hours.

The lash enhancement/eye liner procedure take approximately 1.5 hours.

Before the procedure, technician will discuss about your shape/style and color selection. Once client is confirmed with the choices, we will begin the procedure. 

* What is the difference between Ombre powder brows, Microblading, and Microshading(Combo brows)?

These are techniques used to create different looks/styles of the eyebrows.

However, microblading is recommended only for dry, normal type of skin.

Please visit my service page, for detailed information.

* Is it painful?

Most of people feels minor discomfort, pressure, and less pain with the topical numbing applied before and during the procedure. It's number 3-4 on a scale of 1-10 on most of people.

Slight swelling and redness is normal after the procedure.

* Am I suitable candidate for the procedure?

The procedure will not be suitable for a person with certain health conditions and symptoms. 

Please read our health check/disqualification list below to see if you are a suitable client for our services.

*Is a touch up necessary?

Yes, it is strongly recommended after completed your first session and healing period is finished. (Within 5-10 weeks from your first session.)

You might notice your eyebrows and/or eyeliner have faded on some areas, or leaving

some gaps.

The touch up session is a second part of the completing your procedure, by perfecting

color and shape. This will ensure your eyebrows/eyeliner shape and color lasts longer.

* Will I need more touch ups?

This is semi permanent cosmetics process, which will start fade over the time.

To keep your eyebrows with its shape and color, it is recommended to get annual touch up (12-18 months) around this time frame.

This usually done with one time session.

-Health Check List/ Disqualification-

* Under 18 years of age.

* Pregnant or Nursing

* Allergic to pigmentation, topical anesthetics, alcohol, and makeup.

* Prone to keloids, post-inflammatory hyper pigmentation, very sensitive skin, irritations/rashes/acne on the procedure area.

* Skin conditions- Psoriasis, eczema, sun burn.

* Hemophiliac

* Undergoing chemotherapy, radiotherapy.

* Active skin cancer on the area.

* Major heart problems.

* Organ transparent.

* Diabetic.

* Epilepsy.

* Experienced faint spell or seizure.

* Taking blood thinning medications. Glaucoma.

* Viral infections, diseases.

* Hepatitis, HIV, transmittable blood condition.

* Very oily skin/Acne

* Taking antibiotics. (Must be off at least 2 weeks.)

* Taking skin medications such as anatasure, steroids, accutane.

(This will make skin very thin and sensitive.)

* Healing disorder.

* Fillers/Botox in the past 3 weeks.

* If you are currently taking any medications, please notify me.

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